Established in the 1950s, interests included manufacturing, jewellery, dental equipment and industrial machinery. As the group grew, the core business became the design and production of deep drawn transfer press technology, the companies – Platarg Engineering and Platform Pressings became market leaders and exported products globally.

Alongside these businesses, the property investment and development began in 1960. The company acquired and developed industrial and commercial properties in west London. By the mid 1990s, the commercial property portfolio had expanded and a wider proportion of residential development was undertaken, building high end family homes in South West London. The engineering elements were sold and now as a third generation family company, the primary interest of the business is within the commercial and residential property development sector.

As a natural extension, a new property services company was created called PIA Property Solutions, in early 2002. PIA is a group of individual associated companies in which we retain an interest, providing specialist business expertise and experience in the commercial and residential sectors.